09 May 2007

An inventory of what was lost

What six, eight weeks can bring. Augusto went to Japan twice, and I got to try single parenting for nearly 20 nights. I took the kids to Baltimore on my own for part of his trip, and passed another parenting milestone- air travel with two. I am amazed at my ability to keep everyone fed and clothed (not necessarily clean). It’s all dependent on organization, sacrifice of any personal time, and a glass of wine a few times a week. I am completely convinced that being a primary caregiver should be a prerequisite to the presidency- or air traffic control.

The high of accomplishment is over and now I am stuck in a funk. My 93-year-old grandfather died on Sunday. He was assembling an IKEA chair. I loved him so much.

An inventory of what was lost:

  1. A wise, handy, loving old guy how didn’t want to die for fear of missing something.
  2. Our orange cat, left home 4 days ago after a rapid onset illness.
  3. Fear of parenting alone
  4. Daytime diapers!!

What was learned?

  1. My strong urge to visit family was worth heeding- my grandfather met his great grandson 3 days before he died.
  2. I regret shooing the cat off my desk nearly every evening for the past 3 months.
  3. If I can handle two kids for 2 weeks on my own, I can do just about anything
  4. Wait to let the kid potty train; they’ll do it quickly when ready.

I saw two women in stirrup pants yesterday. I need to make that odd sighting into a sign that things are looking up. That, and Otto found his toes.

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