19 March 2008

Creative Urges

afternoon sun, originally uploaded by kimthemidwife.

I've been feeling like a haggard woman. Saggy skin, downturned cheeks, shadowed eyes. Caffeine alone isn't perking me anymore. Cleaning out dark corners of the house isn't either. I keep abandoning the exercise plan.

So I'm holing up on the computer and blissing out on my family photos. I'm cranking up the creative volume in my life from everything to kid crafts to mama time. I found a great photo site, Shutter Sisters, and am entering their "eyes closed" challenge. I remember from long ago photography classes that you have to be really careful about sharp lighting contrasts. But the light highlights my daughter's sweet face-- without any idea about what a haggard woman is. That's bliss.


j-do said...

Found you through shuttersisters. Beautiful photo!

j-do said...

Another note from me to you, to say thanks for your note on my blog. My mother is also a midwife, and named Kim, and I wondered initially why she was responding to my blog with that ID instead of just "Mom"! What a strange coincidence! Midwives rock-all the best to you.

Lisa said...

Love it!