26 June 2008

I Am Loved


I'm really feelin' the love these days.

First of all, I am the 1st runner up in the mamazine MAMAFOCUS contest! I am really honored because the entries and other winners are amazing. Not only do I get the feel good joy of winning and the numerous clicks over to my blog from mamazine and shutter sisters, but I also get a prize- a Metalsgirl Inspirational Bangle!!

Second, Augusto and I went to Tomales Bay for our first overnight ever... JUST US. It was really great. I mean, really, really great. We talked about things other than the kids, we flirted, we climbed up a rock, we kayaked, we had a delicious dinner. And we didn't bicker. Not even once. The kids behaved and enjoyed their night with our fantastic friends. So that means there is hope for more!


It's all just too cool. I love being loved.


melissa s said...

you deserve it! melissa

giana said...

i love U, 2 !

Emily said...

:c) Sounds wonderful!

Sadie Jernigan Valeri said...

Hi Kim! Thanks so much for your comment on my art blog, it's nice to hear from you and reconnect!