02 August 2008

Tethered: Fresh eyes

Elizabeth Flemming's blog is a great pause in my day. Her art-photos, musings, and posts of work by others are inspiring. Her recent post Tethered: Fresh eyes really grabs me. It is simultaneously empty, chaotic, hopeful, and silent. Just about how I feel right now.

It reminds me of one of my mother's favorite stories- the one she tells now because I'll be in her place soon. When I was just starting to write, I sent her a letter in the form of a paper airplane. On it I wrote: I NO LOVE YOU.

Great art can say so much, evoke such emotion with so little. Just like children can.

Hey, Mom. It's thirty years late, but I'm sorry. I love you now.


Elizabeth Fleming said...

Thanks for this, what a great story. It brings a new perspective to the photograph, which is always a good thing, to add layers to images.

Lisa said...

Thank you for the link...
Oh, the things we regret as "kids" that we see in a new light as "adults." I swear I find myself apologizing to my parents more and more as the days go on.