11 December 2008

It's Ours!


We were number 2 on four houses. Each time we were out bid, we decided it was for a good reason (i.e. we had less money than someone else), and we decided to try again. This is in a down, buyer's, crashing market. And we were overbidding on major fixers, each time Augusto never letting on how excited he was- and then me crying over the defeat. Something was wrong.

Then we find this true dump of a home. The eye sore of the block. The one that makes most sensible people walk out saying, "Not for me." A bad smell. A peeling ceiling. Curling-edge oak floors. Missing elements like railings, floorboards, a driveway. And naturally, as with any house I WANT, other people are already making offers. I swear I could start a new service: Want to sell your home lickety-split? Then let me love it and there will be a dozen offers after just 17 days on the MLS! So we leap headlong into the abyss and offer full price on a home that needs gutting. Wait... not over asking, just asking price. And it disappears from the MLS--- because we won! We won!

We are motivated buyers, but we are not insane. The house's ultimate value is spectacular- just like the bay views. The layout is ideal for our family. The land is gigantic (by urban standards) and has some level parts. The street is quiet and walkable to a commercial area- and a great public elementary school.



Oh, and it comes with this sweet 1966 Beetle. If anybody is interested, we're selling.


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Lisa said...

Yay! Congratulations!

giana said...
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giana said...

EXCELLENT ! I will take the beetle anytime ! Congratulations !

Karen said...

The house looks great from what I could see. And I absolutely LOVE that counter top in the kitchen. Yeah, you'll probably rip it out and replace it, but I am a sucker for tile counters.

kim the midwife said...

I wish we could keep some elements, but the deferred maintenance and smell of a smoker is overwhelming.

M.M.M. said...

Blessings on your new home, sweethearts! Can't wait to come visit. Looking forward to reading about the re-modeling saga.