20 July 2005

The Inspiration is Gone

Erica passed through like the scent of night jasmine. She left behind details of tuk-tucks and toilet paper, early rising and unexpected pleasures, and the cutest black jingle-bell baby outfit I've ever seen. For anyone seeking a house guest, I highly recommend her. Other than leaving her light on far more often than one would expect for an environmentalist, she emptied the dishwasher- twice!, ran a fussy Stella in circles- singing and bouncing in a way one would never intend to do in public, and recommended a great shirt for me at the local thrift store. Impressive for a woman under 20.

She also used her student ID to get me a discount card at the Art Store! I am taking back my time. I am going to express my mind and start a dialoge with beeswax, oil paint, and a million scraps of saved paper. Erica inspired this simple bloggy and a host of yet undisclosed artsy-fartsy pursuits. She visited and then went home to Maryland. I am grateful.

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