03 July 2005

so, did i miss it?

Today's Doonesbury says the media frenzy on blogs is.... over?! Does that mean blogging is ...out?! Dammit! With so many odd things over the years I have been ahead of the curve- copper jewelry, knitting, Brazil and it's music, red paint, stilt walking, Belize, recycling. Of course, no one ever notices because they're all things I do privately. But a blog is a public venue. It was my chance to be in.

Well, looks like I'm the last one picked for dodge ball again.

Maybe there's private redemption. Today I changed form years of dark pedicures to sheer white. Let's see what the celebs are wearing in August! Not that I'll ever know without Karen's help. I need to rely on her for my entertainment gossip and style. She recently let me know that our hair is in for the first time since 8th grade. Halleluiah!

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Erica said...

Hi, Kim! I just noticed your comments on my blog. Thanks!
Haha, it's funny that i inspired you to start a blog... i've been resisting this kind of thing for a while, but this trip to Thailand has turned me into a blogger AND a cell phone user! I think i will probably go back to being a Luddite when i get home, though.
Anyway, i'm really looking forward to seeing you guys in just over a week!! I'm over any hump of homesickness or whatever (it lasted 20 minutes i think), and it will definitely be an adjustment to come back to the states, but i think i'll be ready to leave here. Plus, what better place to land than California!
So... see you soon!!